Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Rules for Disappearing

How many of you are automatically curious when you hear the words Witness Protection Program. I know I am. And I certainly can't imagine giving up all of my friends, my extended family, my awesome job, my home and my name. But that is what people in the witness protection program do. And what about your pets? That is what I am really curious about. Do you have to leave them behind, or do they get relocated with you? I can't imagine that they do.

The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston follows the story of one girl who is now in her sixth placement--and yes, she has had 6 identities too. Her whole family has been moving, because of some unknown event her father witnessed. And it has been hard for all of them. Her mother can't stop drinking, her sister barely talks, and her father, once an accountant with a prestigious company now works in a factory.

Megan (her most recent name) has decided it is easier for her not to make any friends, to be as distant as possible from everyone in her new life. Only Ethan Landry won't let that happen.

Suspenseful,enticing and a bit romantic--this book is sure to capture reader's attentions. Highly recommended. 

Also, there is going to be a book 2.

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