Monday, November 11, 2013

The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

Reasons I couldn't put this book down:

  • The tag line: "A person can last 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. A community begins to die in just seconds"
  • Male POV that was relatable and realistic.
  • "Society" was still run by adults even if a teen was seriously in the know.
  • Did I mention it was totally realistic?

Things that annoyed me:

  • Can a computer virus really travel through AM/FM radio waves?
  • So many questions and variables. This was just a set up for book two right? And when will that come out? Waiting is not my forte. And Adams dad will be in the next book right?
  • Coincidences like this are unlikely but they really made for a good story.

When a computer virus takes out any and all electronics with computerized parts the world as we know it is over. Fortunately, the main character Adam is set. He drives a real old car with no computer, he built an old pre-computer plane in his garage with his dad, oh and he can fly it too. His mom is police chief--so she knows what's going on, is a community leader, and is armed.

But the best part, his neighbor is a (don't tell because it is classified) former CIA operative who has watched civilizations devolve and has been hoarding supplies for years. Prepares take note, in addition to your supplies choose your neighbors carefully.

In this book the enemy is the human race and the price of survival. I'm expecting this is only book one, and I'm already waiting for book two. This will be popular so add it to your book carts fellow librarians.

If you need me I will be stockpiling canned goods, non-perishables, bottled water and chlorine tablets and any other survival supply I can find.

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