Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Silver Six

This action packed graphic novel was written for middle grades, and I am guessing it will be popular. In stunning color, a dystopian world is depicted where all of humanity lives in metal bubbles. This is to protect them from the Earth, ravaged from obtaining and processing a new resource, Hydro-2. Complete dependence upon this resource has left no other options for this futuristic society of space ships, hover crafts and robots.

Orphaned and hiding from the law, Pheobe has managed to evade capture for a year. But when the evil mastermind behind Hydro-2 decides Pheobe has something he wants, her luck runs out.

Sent to child protective services, a giant orphanage with horrible food and incompetent teachers. There she meets 5 other orphans who all have something in common.

Great book.

ARC provided by publisher at BEA

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