Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chomp by Carl Haaisen

I loved this book. Of course, I also love Carl Hiaasen--his adult books and his youth books. This is by far my favorite of his books for Middle Graders. Hiaasen pokes fun at convention, he often uses crude expressions (the language is considerable cleaned up when he is not writing for adults) and no matter the plot, his message is two fold, his love of Florida and his desire to protect that region. Chomp is no exception.

Part mockery of survivalist shows (although, all I could picture was a more egotistical and less knowledgeable Steve Erwin), this is the story of Wahoo who wants to help his family. His Dad's been out of work and his mom's had to take a job out of the country. So when an opportunity presents itself for the Wahoo and his Dad to wrangle the animals of the Everglades on "Expedition Survival" they jump at the opportunity. Wahoo's dad doesn't have any patience for the famous but oblivious Derek Badger who will do anything for ratings. Add his friend Tuna, and you have a rollicking adventure with an assortment of comic and slightly flawed characters.

This one is going to fly off the shelves, I can't wait until it is officially published (expected March 27th) so that I can start pushing it into the hands of the Teens at the library.

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