Monday, January 30, 2012

Banana Nut Caramel Brownies

There was snow on the ground, I was listening to a great audio book (The Sky is Everywhere) and I really needed to bake. We had a brownie mix in the pantry, but I decided that was too simple.

So I looked around the kitchen and the pantry and came up with this combination of ingredients: 

A sliced up banana, Rolos, chopped walnuts. and brown sugar. An odd combination, but I know from previous brownies recipes that brown sugar makes everything better and I really wanted something caramely and the Rolos were all I could find. As for the banana and nuts, if they are good together in other things and banana chocolate crepes are delicious, I figured this would be too.

I added the brown sugar to the pan and the bananas and walnuts to one side (Jess won't eat cooked fruit or nuts and it would have been really mean to make this and then not be able to share--plus chocolate gives me headaches and I NEEDED her to eat some of this).

I saved the Rolos to add once the brownies were almost done. I just wanted them to melt a little bit.

Verdict: For Kitchen Sink Brownies these weren't bad. Next time I would incorporate the banana a bit more, leaving them on the top dried them out, and there were a few too many nuts and not enough caramel, but the combination was good. I would try it again sometime.

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