Sunday, January 29, 2012

Candy Cake

Here is another recipe I borrowed from Recipe Girl. Enough chocolate to leave me in bed with headaches all week. Good think I sent it to work with Jess for her holiday party's baked good competition. It won second place too. Thanks Recipe Girl!

However, I did make a few small variations. First, its obviously Christmas themed. It would appear I used both less cake and fewer M&Ms (I underestimated how many bags I would need--this is two) and it's minty! 

The layer of icing holding the two cakes together is green (and possibly mint flavored, I can't remember at this point--but if I didn't flavor it, that's simply because I ran out of extract. It was holiday baking season after all). Also, the M&Ms are mint flavored and substantially larger than a regular M&M. I think this might have made it harder to eat. I was told the judges found the mint surprising, which must have been a good thing.

I was happy with how it turned out, but I got the impression it was more of a novelty baked good than an I'm craving that so badly baked good. Not yet sure if this is on the "to be repeated" list.

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